Black Friday 2016 Sales Mirrors Almost Everything Of Last Year Including Opening On Thanksgiving

Black Friday 2016 sale

The Black Friday 2016 sale seems to be a deja vu of last year’s biggest holiday shopping season.


The Black Friday 2016 sales seems to be a deja vu of last year’s biggest holiday shopping season.

The Black Friday 2016 sales is still a month away, but according to retail analysts’ forecasts it will be a copycat of last year Black Friday.

The American retail and outdoor recreation retailer Recreational Equipment, Inc., commonly known as REI, is back with their short message to forget about the Black Friday sale this year and enjoy nature. There is no REI Black Friday 2016 sale yet again. In the previous year, the outdoor retailer made a massive news when it decided to cancel and opt out on Black Friday sale and send its 12,000 employees home on a paid leave.

The number of REI stores that keep its retail locations closed on Thanksgiving Thursday has grown this year. A number of shopping malls across the United States are join the movement of keeping physical stores closed on Thanksgiving Day itself and only offer Black Friday deals on the actual much eagerly awaited biggest shopping event of the year on November 25.

Meanwhile, Macy’s has already come earlier to open its brick-and-mortar department stores again on Turkey Day. The Macy’s 2016 Black Friday sale kickoffs an hour earlier than last year at 5 P.M. The department store chain retailer will be joined by among other of the big box retailers that will not shut down their Black Friday sale and doorbuster on Thanksgiving Day, on Nov. 24.

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Kmart and others are expected to announce their plans and gimmicks for the Black Friday 2016 over the next days. Walmart-owned chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs Sam’s Club already announced its Black Friday 2016 sale schedule last year. Sam’s Club stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day with online sale will begins at 12AM ET on Thursday, while the in-store sale will start on Black Friday at 7AM on Nov. 25.

Shoppers have the option again this year to just avoid camping outside in retail stores and wait for the long line before the doorbuster begins. You may wanted to instead shop online and enjoy the roasted Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. It should be worth noting that last year’s biggest discounts and best deals are being offered online.

Bargain hunters may also want to consider shopping on pre-Black Friday i both in-stores and online as early as Wednesday because Walmart offered the best deals prior to Thanksgiving.

It is never too early to get ready for Black Friday 2016 sale. We have collected and compiled all the things you need to know about Black Friday 2016 sale in our Black Friday 2016 hub. —

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