Black Friday 2016 Sales: Despite in-stores closing, best deals will be on Thanksgiving Thursday

Black Friday Sales 2016: Despite in-stores closing, best Black Friday deals will be on Thanksgiving Thursday

Black Friday Sales 2016 Store Opening Hours Predictions: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears and More.


A number of the biggest shopping malls in the United States may close, but the most popular retail chain stores aren’t likely to give up their foothold on Thanksgiving Thursday’s turf anytime soon.

Taking at the history at what Black Friday 2016 hours the top retailers have kept over the last nine years, we can see the long queue and slow march into Thanksgiving Thursday.

This shouldn’t absolutely surprise anyone who’s paid even the smallest bit of attention to Black Friday sales over the years, but it shows that Black Friday sales have been interfering with Turkey dinner since 2013.

That’s when retail corporations Walmart, Best Buy and Toys R Us all crossed over into hours traditionally reserved for the evening suffer.

The smaller stores that typically located inside shopping malls are more likely to close, partly under pressure from so many malls operators across the United States that have effectively made that massive decision. For the broad majority of these stores, you can start shopping their Black Friday 2016 sales online at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

The big boxes and major department retailers will stick to opening their brick-and-mortar stores in Thanksgiving Thursday. But it’s Macy’s that’s made it clear that the Thanksgiving status quo isn’t going anywhere when they announced plans to open at 5pm on Thursday afternoon, an hour earlier than the previous year. Macy’s feels no pressure from the mall operators since their department stores are typically anchors with their own entrances.

Black Friday 2016 Store Opening Hours Predictions

Best Buy – Thursday at 5PM
The consumer electronics retailer has been holding steady at 5pm for a two consecutive years now, and we think they’ll stick to that.

Home Depot – Friday at 6AM
The home improvement supplies superstore has opened at 6AM on Black Friday for many years now, and we suspect that any change is very unlikely.

JCPenney – Thursday at 2PM
The chain of department store corporation has been pushing earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Thursday.

Kmart – Thursday at 7PM
A couple of years ago, in 2014, Kmart had doorbusters at both 6AM in the morning and 7PM in the evening on Thursday. In the following year, the big box department store dropped the morning opening time but retained the 7PM doorbuster.

Kohl’s – Thursday at 6PM
The American department store retail chain may likely mirror last year’s opening time.

Macy’s – Thursday at 5PM (CONFIRMED)
This one isn’t a projection, as Macy’s confirmed the news to CNBC on October 16th that they will open their stores on Thanksgiving Thursday at 5PM.

Sears – Thursday at 6PM
They’ve opened their doors at 6pm for a couple of years running, and we’re looking Sears to echo the last year’s opening hours.

Target – Thursday at 6PM
If Walmart stays open on Thanksgiving Thursday as many have expected, Target matches almost everything whatever Walmart does.

Toys R Us – Thursday at 5PM
Toys R Us has been comfortably settled in at 5PM on Turkey Thursday for the past three years.

Walmart – Thursday at 5PM or 6PM
Walmart launched their Black Friday sale at 6PM on Thursday for the last three years, but we also think there’s about a 50/50 chance that the retailer may push it to 5PM for the Black Friday 2016 to steal some of Best Buy shoppers.

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