Black Friday 2016: What Strategies Walmart, Target, Toys R Us Planned To Win Consumers This Year?

Black Friday 2016 Walmart, Target, Toys R Us

With Black Friday 2016 is still few weeks away, predictions about store hours, opening times and deals at Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us have emerged over the Internet.


With one of much-awaited holiday shopping season is just around the corner, the Black Friday 2016 predictions on big box retailers like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us have emerged regarding their respective special deals, steep discount, store hours, opening times and free shipping offerings.

For this year, the Black Friday falls on November 25, just a day after Thanksgiving, which is only a month away. Below we have penned down all the latest predictions about the United States’ biggest shopping day of the year.

In the recent years, it’s safe to say that almost all of the U.S. major retailers are expected to offer steep discounts and best deals with huge savings. According to AL, Target could offer up to 35 to 40 percent discount on its products to celebrate this year’s Black Friday festivity.

When it comes to free shipping, The Centrio Times reported that the bull’s eye retail chain corporation is projected to offer free delivery service with no minimum order required. Also, the country’s largest chain of retail stores — Walmart — is offering free shipping. However, there’s a catch, the free shipping starts at $50 or order whereas shoppers with Prime or Shipping Pass membership doesn’t need to to pay any fee.

As far as the brick-and-mortar store opening hours is your concerned, Target is speculated to open its doors at 6:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Thursday, similar to Walmart’s, which mirror’s its sale at the same time.

Another report have surfaced that Walmart could move its stores opening times at 5 pm in order to provide quite close competition to rival giant retailers Best Buy and Target. On side of the checkout counter, Toys R Us will open its emporiums just a day ahead of the actual Black Friday 2016 schedule at 5:00 P.M. and adopt the trend going on in the recent years.

Furthermore, Black Friday 2016 projections hinted that Walmart and Toys R Us are expected to disclose their ads and flyers on this year’s doorbusters and deals on November 10th, whereas Target will release its official ad catalog on November 8.

The Cetureon have collated all the things you need to know and ultimate guide about biggest holiday shopping event of the year in our Black Friday 2016 hub.

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