Walmart Black Friday 2016 HDTV Deals: Retailer Outs 1st Tech Deal, A $125 TCL Roku Smart TV

Walmart black friday 2016 tv deal


Ahead of the Black Friday 2016 sales event, WalMart yesterday revealed that it will offer a 32-inch TCL Roku Smart LED HD TV with Roku on-board for only $125 during the duration of holiday shopping season.

The early holiday season deal, which is just went live and now available at the U.S. major retailer’s online store at, will be part of retailer’s early Black Friday and holiday promotional sales. The 32-inch TCL Roku Smart LED HDTV is usually being sold online for around $170.

“We are listening to our customers and looking for ways to simplify their busy lives,” Judith McKenna, WalMart chief operating officer. “Whether our customers are checking items off their grocery lists or their kids’ holiday lists, we want to make their shopping experiences easy and fun. This includes having clean, fast and friendly stores, an easier check out experience and enabling customers to shop seamlessly through services like Pickup.”

While this WalMart’s pre-Black Friday 2016 HD TV deal may not excite shoppers looking for big screens for a cheap prices, the big-box retailer says the $125 price mark is the same as it offered during the last year’s holiday shopping season.

However, there’s a catch, the TCL Roku Smart LED HDTV is only available with free Pick Up option at your local store. The retail giant is not offering a free shipping for this deal. You need to check out your local stores under Pickup Option for stock inventory on the order page.

The 32-inch TCL Smart LED HDTV set comes with built-in Roku digital media player under the hood, meaning you can use its technology to access more than 2,500 digital streaming media channels including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu without the need of a streaming stick or set-top-box devices.

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