Walmart Black Friday 2016 TV Deals — Wal-Mart Offering Affordable Smart HDTV, 4K TVs For Black Friday And Entire Holiday Sales Season

walmart black friday tv deals 2016

Walmart Black Friday 2016 TV Deals. Walmart Black Friday 2016 sales highlights lower-priced 4K UHD Smart TVs deals. Walmart Black Friday 2016 doorbusters kickoffs at 6 P.M. ET on Thanksgiving Day.

The 55-inch Vizio LED Smart TV was among of the best TV deals this Black Friday. It was a hot item at Walmart.


If you will be shopping for a new television set this upcoming Black Friday 2016, what would you react on a 32-inch TCL Roku Smart TV for only $125? Or a 70-inch Vizio 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for less than a thousand dollars?

These are two of the limited holiday deals the U.S. major retailer disclosed yesterday. The retail chain didn’t say anything for its plans on 2016 Black Friday, indicating that those information would be unveiled later. We’re predicting a Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad to be unveiled November 11, though it could be leaked over the Internet earlier by the prominent websites leakers dedicated on leaking Black Friday ads.

There weren’t a jaw-dropping details on a certain deals for the Walmart Black Friday 2016 event, though the retail firm did confirm that the $125 TV set will be available throughout the entire holiday shopping season. The television set looks like the TCL 32S3750 we picked last year as one of the Top 10 Black Friday TV Deals.

But a year later can make a quite huge difference in TV pricing, and that deal doesn’t look quite as good now. When we recently checked out, the television was already available on for that price tag, though it’s being sold for about $160 to $170 at other chain, including rival retailer Target.

It seems like Walmart Black Friday 2016 sales event plans will highlight on a lower-priced 4K UHD Smart TVs, which many consumers will be acquiring for the first time. For an instance, the retailer said it would be offering a big-screen television — 70-inch Vizio 4K UHD Smart TV — for less than $1,000. The model name wasn’t provided, but we assume that it could be the 70-inch D-series TV set (the Vizio D70-D3) which currently sells for $1,100.

At the local store in New Jersey, the discount chain showcased a 60-inch Vizio E-series TV, saying it would be on sale in the forthcoming highly-anticipated shopping event of the year. But Walmart didn’t provide the price. This television could be the Vizio E60u-D3, which being sold for about $700 today.

Walmart stressed out its TV specials online and in-app would be broader than what customers will find in bricks-and-mortar outlets, with some bigger screens and pricier models. For an instance, shoppers will be able to purchase a top-end TVs including a 85-inch Samsung Smart TV and a 75-inch LG with a curved screen at steep discount prices.

Morover, Walmart will be offering more exclusive models across many product sections. In tech category, most especially consumer electronics, the company said there would be a special editions of the Microsoft’s Xbox One in a unique color variant, with exclusive software. As well as Xiaomi’s Mi-box streaming media player that’s currently available for only $69.

Alson on tech section, Walmart will be offering a 3D virtual-reality drones, which allows the user get a point-of-view experience flying the drone by wearing VR headset. We’re suspecting Walmart is pertaining to Promark P70 VR Drone, which the chain currently sells for $148. However, the big box retail giant didn’t say what the discount price will be.

Last year, Walmart kicked off its Black Friday doorbusters at 6 P.M. ET on Thanksgiving Day.

The Cetureon have collated all the things you need to know and ultimate guide about the biggest holiday shopping season of the year in our Black Friday 2016 hub. Be sure to check back regularly for news and announcements about the best Black Friday 2016 deals from your favorite discount chain retailers including Walmart.

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