Black Friday 2016 Sales: Walmart allocates associates to hasten checkout process

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The Black Friday 2016 sales is just around the corner and Walmart is making a move to address one of the top requests from customers.


With the Black Friday 2016 sales is just a month away, Walmart is making a move to address one of the top requests from its customers: lesser time in the checkout lane.

The world largest retailer on Thursday released a press statement saying that it would be using existing employees as what it’s calling “Holiday Helpers” for the upcoming Black Friday 2016 sales event to assist with the checkout process. Starting on November 4th, in-store Holiday Helpers will be on hand to assist Walmart shoppers in finding the shortest lines, open cashier counters should needed, aide customers with self checkout lanes and even grab merchandise that might have forgotten.

“We are listening to our customers and looking for ways to simplify their busy lives,” said Judith McKenna, chief operating officer for Walmart United States. “Whether our customers are checking items off their grocery lists or their kids’ holiday lists, we want to make their shopping experiences easy and fun.”

The discount chain store retailer is also expanding the number of products available for the same-day pickup and allocating extra employees – including new designated Pickup Managers – to speed up the process.

The announcement comes as Walmart and other U.S. major retailers are gearing up for what retail industry consider as the busiest holiday shopping season — the Black Friday 2016 sales. The big box retail giant hasn’t revealed if it will be open its location stores on Thanksgiving Day or join this year’s trend of waiting until the Black Friday to kick-off emporium sales. Other nation’s retailers such as Costco, Burlington, Dillards, Home Depot, Lowe’s and IKEA as well as Bed, Bath and Beyond announced that they won’t be opening their bricks-and -mortar outlets on Turkey Day this year. Walmart’s wholly-owned subsidiary member-ship-only warehouse chain retailer Sam’s Club will be closed on Thanksgiving Thursday.

In 2015, Walmart kicked off doorbusters at 6 P.M. on Thanksgiving night.

The Cetureon have collated all the things you need to know and ultimate guide about the biggest holiday shopping season of the year in our Black Friday 2016 hub. Be sure to check back regularly for news and announcements about the best Black Friday 2016 deals from your favorite discount retailers like Walmart.

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