NFL Rumors – Denver Broncos Quarterback Aquisition affected by Tony Romo’s retirement

Denver Broncos GM John Elway had a lot of time to acquire Tony Romo for the 2017 NFL season, but he did not pull the trigger. He said he plans to add a another quarterback to Denver Broncos’ roster.


For the Denver Broncos, perhaps the breaking news of quarterback Tony Romo’s retirement from the National Football League (NFL) changes nothing. The Denver Broncos general manager John Elway had a lot of time to acquire the 36-year-old veteran quarterback for the 2017 NFL season and beyond, and he did not pull the trigger.

But even though we’ll never know exactly how legitimate an option Tony Romo was for the Denver Broncos, the franchise do indeed lose another option when the soon-to-be-ex-Dallas Cowboy leaves his professional American football career for a broadcasting gig.

John Elway has said he plans to add a another quarterback to Denver Broncos’ roster, which as of Tuesday morning included only Trevor Siemian (seventh round pick in 2015 NFL Draft) and Paxton Lynch (first round selection in 2016 NFL Draft). With that being said, these pair combined for all 16 starts in the most recent memory and completed a 9-7 record with 3,898 yards, 20 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Both also was the big winner on Tuesday, when the universe found out for sure Tony Romo would not become Denver Broncos’ third quarterback.

“We’re happy with our young guys and are going to continue to work and train them,” John Elway said last week. “We feel like we’ve got the answer there for the future. But you never know until you get out there and see how they do.”

The Broncos big boss Elway, though, has seen “how they do,” granted only via limited playing time.

Siemian, The Broncos’ seventh-rounder selection in 2015 NFL Draft, started 14 games in 2016 and managed a quarterback rating of 84.6. On the other hand, Lynch started a couple of contests last season and managed a rating of 79.2.

John Elway knows those figures aren’t neither great nor good enough, but the general manager also knows the numbers produced by the 2015 Super Bowl-winning combination of the Broncos Hall of Famer quarterback Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler — season QB ratings of 67.9 and 86.4, respectively — weren’t great, either.

So expect the Denver Broncos to enter the 2017 NFL season with a quarterback room similar to the one they took into most recent season.

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