Dallas Cowboys News and Rumors 2017 – As Tony Romo Retires, QB Takes Over Phil Simms Job As Top CBS NFL Analyst

The NFL rumors has it as Dallas Cowboys have officially granted the request of quarterback Tony Romo to be released. Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo is retiring from the NFL as a result, opting to enter a career in broadcasting business.


The evidences are gradually starting to spill and fall into its places for veteran quarterback Tony Romo‘s future. The 36-year-old veteran quarterback will no longer be calling plays for the Dallas Cowboys, but rather CBS Sports.

The Dallas Cowboys have officially permitted the request of star quarterback Tony Romo to be released on Tuesday, revoking their sole rights on him. Tony Romo is retiring from the National Football League (NFL) as a result, opting to follow a career in broadcasting business.

The four-time Pro Bowler Tony Romo is officially joining the team at CBS Sports, calling the games next to Jim Nantz – a role that previously held by Phil Simms. Tony Romo shared a photograph of his new “uniform” on Tuesday, which trends Twitter into a frenzy.

Romo spoke on his decision to leave the professional American football league during a conference call, saying there was “absolutely interest” from other franchises. However, despite that ultimate fact, the veteran center felt his best move was to pursue his broadcasting career.

“There were many reasons I felt this was the right decision,” Tony Romo said. “It had nothing to do with the Texans and everything to do with CBS. Being able to work alongside Jim Nantz – knowing what I wanted to do for the next 15, 20, 30 years. It was a very difficult decision. I went back and forth a number of times.”

Tony Romo cited that his family as being one of the million reasons he opted going to broadcasting and it would be a good one, claiming that he will now be able to spend more time with his loved ones.

“Family’s as important to me as anything,” Romo added.

One of the obvious potential suitors for quarterback Tony Romo was the Houston Texans. The Texans needed a veteran quarterback after trading Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns, and still do. He admitted that the Houston Texans were amongst other unnamed pro-football clubs that expressed interest in him, but wouldn’t say which franchises those were.

Romo did say that the Houston Texans were at the number one of his list of franchises he like to play with.

Romo’s health obviously played a major factor in his decision to call it a career from the NFL. Romo missed a total of 15 games in 2016 and another 12 contests back in 2015 as a result of injuries, so his health was clearly questionable moving forward.

With second-year rookie Dak Prescott firmly established at the starting job for the Dallas Cowboys, and Romo being a fragile, yet extremely talented quarterback, the aforementioned team were forced to move on from their franchise quarterback. The Dallas Cowboys had no choice but to release Tony Romo and allow him to move onto the next big leaf in his career.

Going from being an NFL quarterback to the broadcasting in live television in a matter of a few months isn’t something that’s done very often, and it’s not easy. Tony Romo admitted that wholeheartedly, but he promised to work “20 hours a day” improving and developing his craft.

Romo compared the transition to being an undrafted rookie in the league. “It reminds me really of my rookie year. Really, you don’t know anything,” Romo said. “I’m going from being the old guy to being the young guy.”

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