Dallas Cowboys Rumors — QB Dak Prescott Shed Lights On Allegations With Then-Quarterback Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Tony Romo

When Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo was still with the team, there were NFL rumors he was unhappy with Dak Prescott replacing him as starting quarterback. It was believed there was a gap, but Prescott denied NFL rumors surrounding them in a radio interview on Saturday.


When the Dallas Cowboys former star quarterback Tony Romo was still with the professional American football franchise, there were relentless NFL rumors that he is indeed unhappy with the second year quarterback Dak Prescott replacing him as the club’s starting quarterback. It was believed that there was a gap between Romo and Prescott, but the latter has recently denied NFL rumors surrounding them in a radio interview on Saturday.

“Me and Tony Romo, we’ve always been great throughout this whole situation, before the situation when I came in (as the starter). So nothing’s ever changed. That’s something I’m very thankful were able to manage of keeping our relationship the same throughout everything that was going on,” Dak Prescott — who was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft — said according to the Dallas Cowboys’ official website.

During the interview, the Mississippi State product Dak Prescott also talked about Tony Romo’s eventual retirement. Prescott wants nothing but a total happiness for the then Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback, who will now work as an NFL analyst for CBS Sports. The 23-year-old rising NFL superstar also added that the veteran quarterback had a “great career” and left “some big shoes for me to fill.”

It is undeniable that Dak Prescott taking the spotlight as the new franchise quarterback in Dallas Cowboys was a major reason why Tony Romo left the National Football League for good. In addition to this were the serious health dilemmas — collarbone and back injuries — the 36-year-old needed to deal with in the past couple of seasons. Additionally, there were no team wants to pick him up and pay the Dallas Cowboys and carry his expensive price for a backup quarterback. The Cowboys owes Romo 14 million next NFL season, $19.5 million in 2018, and $20.5 million for 2019. It is believed that Dallas Cowboys has no chosen to shell out that huge amount of money for a backup quarterback.

When Tony Romo got cleared to play again in the field, he was no longer part of the bigger picture in Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys were already embracing the youth core movement. The focus was on both quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys heavily relied on the duo and it definitely paid off, as Prescott and Elliot led the club to a second NFC East championship in three seasons.

However, the Dallas Cowboys failed to reach the Super Bowl 51 after getting eliminated in the Divisional Round by quarterback Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers. Despite this, it was clear that the Cowboys are moving forward with Prescott and Elliott as their main talents.

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