NBA Rumors: LA Lakers To Move Indiana Pacers Paul George To Los Angeles As A Free Agent In 2018


NBA rumors has the Los Angeles Lakers will acquire Paul George in 2018 as a free agent. L.A. Lakers have the patience to wait until 2018 to bring George to the Los Angeles Lakers.


The Los Angeles Lakers were quite blessed to acquire the second overall pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft lottery but many simply knows that it takes superstars to win in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

While the L.A. Lakers may have a number of young core talents and another one is coming in June, the ball club don’t have the professional basketball player that they can truly build their roster around. As such, NBA rumors have continued that the Los Angeles Lakers will be interested in bringing on Indiana Pacers star Paul George to the City of Angels in the near future.

The 27-year-old Paul George will almost certainly not pick up the final year on his contract with the Pacers, instead, the four-time NBA All-Star will opt for free agency in the summer of 2018. George grew up in Palmdale where he idolized the Lakers Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant and would reportedly like to return in Los Angeles County to play for the Purple and Gold team.

According to a recent report by Sam Amick for USA Today, should the Indiana Pacers can’t turn their franchise into a playoff contender then George will released for L.A in 2018 NBA season.

One of the big questions this offseason will be whether or not the Lakers has the patience to wait until 2018 to land George to the Los Angeles. The Pacers would certainly prefer not to watch Paul George leave the Indiana with nothing to show for it, so the organization may look to move the Fresno State product this offseason in order to get back some value.

Should Pacers opt to trade George then the front office will look to take advantage of those frights and start a bidding process, but it will be up to Lakers current president of basketball operation Magic Johnson and the team general manager Rob Pelinka to resist. Should the Lakers higher ups can acquire Paul George in 2018 as a free agent and keep their valuable assets intact then the franchise rebuild will really take off.

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