NBA Lakers Rumors 2017: LA Lakers Isn’t Considering UCLA Lonzo Ball As Prospective Savior Of Los Angeles

LA Lakers Rumors — Los Angeles Doesn’t Consider UCLA Lonzo Ball As Prospective Savior

NBA rumors has the Los Angeles Lakers most definitely not relying on Lonzo Ball as their potential savior. LA Lakers will finally find out whether or not they will keep their top-three protected draft selections at the NBA Draft Lottery.


For a while now, the chemistry of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) point guard Lonzo Ball and the storied franchise L.A. Lakers has seemed like a perfect combination. The 19-year-old Lonzo Ball took college basketball by storm with his outstanding passing and shooting helping to turn the UCLA Bruins into a top-10 team.

Lonzo and his father LaVar Ball, a retired American football player, have been open regarding their hope to be picked by the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft and there have been reports that the franchise are in love with the point guard as well. While many believed that it may be the case, Ball is certainly no lock to be the LA Lakers pick should the front office keep their selection.

The Bleacher Report reported that the Lakers have not put Lonzo Ball on a pedestal as some have said:

“The Lakers most definitely have not put Ball on some pedestal as their potential savior, according to sources. He is a strong contender to be at the top of their list after all the workouts are done (assuming they keep their pick), and Lonzo’s court vision impresses them a lot more than LaVar’s presence scares them. But Fultz also is a tantalizing option, as is the upside Jackson and Fox each offer.”

In one week, the Lakers will finally find out whether or not they will keep their top-three protected draft selections at the NBA Draft Lottery. The Los Angeles and its diehard fans will anxiously be anticipating that day as the Lakers have a 46.9 percent chance of keeping the selections.

The report says that the four rookie players at the top of the Los Angeles Lakers draft board are Ball, Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, and De’Aaron Fox. Should the Purple and Gold team keep their selections, all four prospect talents will certainly get private workouts with the organization and Ball could totally be their first-round pick. However, it is far from a guarantee until we see it on the 2017 NBA Draft process.

Things will finally start to get much clearer for the Los Angeles Lakers and the rest of the teams in the league once the NBA Draft Lottery takes place on May 16.

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