NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Considered Trading Down In 2017 NBA Draft To No. 4 Overall

LA Lakers Rumors — Los Angeles Doesn’t Consider UCLA Lonzo Ball As Prospective Savior

The Los Angeles Lakers might just trade the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.


The Los Angeles Lakers could possibly be the National Basketball Association franchise to watch leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft because team that have been associated in several trade rumors of late.

A report suggests that the L.A. Lakers drop a couple pick and try to acquire an additional asset.

“The Lakers held internal discussions about trading back two spots to No. 4 if the Suns were to offer them a 2018 first-round pick,” ESPN’s Chad Ford explains.

Ford further added that “the Lakers believe that (Lonzo) Ball or (Josh) Jackson might be available at the No. 4 spot. If not, the Lakers are still very high on (De’Aaron) Fox and (Jayson) Tatum, and believe that securing an additional prospect might be worth dropping two spots in the draft.”

The purple and gold team don’t have a 2018 NBA Draft first-round selectrion, as it’s owed to the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a recent trade.

With all that being said, it makes sense for the Los Angeles to ask for that in any negotiations on trading down. It is also indeed smart to trade down and get more draft picks to land more talents because the difference between Ball, Jackson, Tatum and Fox is small.

However, none of them are notably better than the other and one of them will be available at No. 4 overall draft pick. The Los Angeles Lakers have so many alternatives at No. 2, even if the Boston Celtics acquire Markelle Fultz at No. 1 overall pick, as expected.

Adding another top-end prospect talent would further the rebuilding plan of the franchise, though it would also limit the number of positions the organization could pursue in free agent market, where the Lakers expects to finally be a playoff contender.

Additionally, the move would also make sense if the Los Angeles like the young core of D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle. If trading the draft selection doesn’t land a superstar, then it could still open the franchise up to pursuing a superstar like Paul George in free agency over the next season or two.

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