NFL Rumors 2017 — Dallas Cowboys Franchise Face QB Dak Prescott Can Deal With Superb Standard Tony Romo Set

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Tony Romo

NFL and Dallas Cowboys Rumors – The standards as Dallas Cowboys quarterback was set high by the now retired Tony Romo, but Dak Prescott has the skills to meet those hopes.


The standards as Dallas Cowboys quarterback was set high by the now retired Tony Romo, but the second-year rookie Dak Prescott has the skill-sets to meet those hopes.

Much has been talked in the wake of veteran quarterback Tony Romo’s ultimate decision to take a job as an NFL analyst for CBS Sports rather than continue his professional American football career. There’s been discussions regarding to what the Houston Texans — an organization rumored to have massive interest in his services — will do now and how it hauls up other free agent quarterbacks including Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Fitzpatrick. What hasn’t been talked over as much is how much is expected out of his replacement quarterback Dak Prescott has to live up to now as the new face of the Dallas Cowboys franchise itself.

Dating back in 2016, Dak Prescott wasn’t supposed to become a star, but with his skillful talent and perseverance he did. After backup quarterback Kellen Moore suffered from a broken leg, the fourth-rounder draft pick out of Mississippi State moved up the depth chart. Then a back injury to Tony Romo push him completely in the spotlight as Dak Prescott was the starter for one of the most storied franchises in the National Football League.

All Prescott did was lead them to a 13-3 winning streak while winning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. Dak Prescott, who was selected by the Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft out of Mississippi State, also shatter the record for most passes to start an NFL career without an interception by going his first 176 passes without throwing a pick—passing the mark of 162 set by quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott Tony Romo

It wasn’t the only time Prescott was mentioned in the same puff as the living legend Tom Brady. Prescott also became the only professional American football player besides Brady to throw for over 3,500 and have less than five picks in a single season.

A tweet by the NFL director of communications Randall Liu points out that, while Tom Brady has done this twice, it took the Patriots star until 2010 to polish his skills to such a precise level. As for Dak Prescott, he became the first rookie quarterback to show such care of the ball.

Despite all his celebrated accomplishments in his rookie career, there was the never-ending rants about what if Tony Romo played. Sure, with Dak Prescott the Dallas Cowboys were a playoff contender, but there was still a huge figure of Dallas Cowboys fans who believed Romo would put them over the hunch and make them contenders.

Prescott put together a single season of efficiency, while Romo spent his entire career trying to achieve in just the former’s rookie year. He also clearly wasn’t the reason the Cowboys lost in the playoffs as he lead a fierce comeback when the franchise were trailing 21-3 record to the Green Bay Packers

Now that Dallas Cowboys beloved star quarterback Tony Romo is heading to the broadcasting career, that “what if?” won’t be vanished. If Romo was acquired by other team then the fans may have rooted for him and moved on, but with him doing a job in a booth, fans may weaken their hope even more for the return of the quarterback they loved to hate.

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