NFL Rumors 2017 – Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Keeping Distance Away From Staff Who Likes Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo is reportedly unhappy with some members of the franchise.


The Dallas Cowboys veteran quarterback Tony Romo is reportedly unhappy with some members of the franchise.

NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that star quarterback Tony Romo, citing a league source on Monday, “has taken [the] situation very personally in Dallas and has distanced himself from teammates and coach who were ‘Team Dak.'”

The 36-year-old Tony Romo — who signed as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys out of Eastern Illinois University — hasn’t offered any indications about his future in the professional American football club since the offseason of the National Football League has started, but ESPN’s Jeff Darlington recently has shed some light on the signal-caller’s thought process.

Darlington tweeted that Tony Romo “believes it’s the [Houston] Texans or retirement for 2017.” On the same day, March 24th, We recently reported that both Fox Sports and CBS Sports have been courting Tony Romo as an NFL analyst for their television coverage should he does opt to retire from his professional American football career.

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So now we have two broadcasting networks supposedly ready to fight over Tony Romo. The Dallas Cowboys indeed want two teams to fight over Tony Romo, but so far the Denver Broncos have held firm that they are not interested in a trade just land the veteran quarterback.

But for the time being, the four-time Pro Bowler Tony Romo remains a member of the Dallas Cowboys team.

And while it was initially rumored that the Denver Broncos would have interest in Tony Romo, the former’s general manager John Elway did not indicate that the franchise has interest in him when he spoke to reporters at the NFL’s annual spring meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday. The Denver Broncos have been consistent in their denials of interest in Tony Romo, most especially since the Dallas Cownoys owner Jerry Jones decided not to release him at the beginning of free agency period.

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