New England Patriots Will Keep Jimmy Garoppolo To Determine If Tom Brady’s Prime Nosedives Or Brissett Leap Forward

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The New England Patriots opted to hold on to No. 2 QB Jimmy Garoppolo during the 2017 NFL Draft. New England Patriots would have $26.5 million in cap space invested in quarterbacks Tom Brady, Garoppolo, and Jacoby Brissett for 2017 season.


The New England Patriots opted to hold on to second-string quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during the 2017 NFL Draft, which flashed an interesting discussion of what the defending Super Bowl champions plan on doing with the aforementioned professional American football player moving forward.

The New England Patriots could keep the Jimmy Garoppolo for 2017 season and allow him to hit free agency in next year. The Patriots could franchise tag him in 2018 offseason and keep the quarterback in the Garoppolo for another season. The New England Patriots could even capsize Garoppolo this summer should a starting quarterback sustains an injury and a franchise is willing to pay a king’s ransom.

But what if the New England actually want to keep its No. 2 quarterback on-board around for the long haul? Tom Brady expects to play another five more seasons, when Jimmy Garoppolo will be 30-years-old, so any advancements between the two star quarterbacks has to come with a multi-seasons plan and support from Garoppolo’s camp to keep him on the sideline for the first eight years of his professional NFL career.

But if any organization can make an strange decision to shell out and pay two starting NFL-caliber quarterbacks top dollar, it would probably be the reigning champions.

Looking around the NFL, franchises like the New Orleans Saints (2015 third round QB Garrett Grayson), New York Giants (2017 third round QB Davis Webb), Kansas City Chiefs (2017 first round QB Patrick Mahomes II), and even the Chicago Bears (2017 first round QB Mitch Trubisky) have invested to acquire first-rounder draft selection in a quarterback talents despite also spending money on veteran quarterbacks.

The New England Patriots invested a third-round pick in quarterback Jacoby Brissett in 2016 NFL Draft, but should the club has an option to retain Garoppolo — who was rated as the top-ranked back-up QB in the league by SI — then why the Patriots can’t work out on extention contract?

The New England Patriots would have $26.5 million in cap space invested in quarterbacks Tom Brady, Garoppolo, and Jacoby Brissett in 2017, which would rank the sixth-most in the NFL, behind the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Washington, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens.

In 2018, the New England would have $27.1 million in salary cap room for the quarterbacks, which would rank second-most, behind the Atlanta, but this standing would likely change as Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr.

The Patriots trio of quarterbacks would cost $32.6 million in salary cap space in 2019 NFL season, easily the most in the NFL. Additionally, if Tom Brady is still playing well in 2019 season, then the Patriots would definitely rework his contract to reduce his cap hit through an extension deal.

Many NFL analysts believe that the Patriots will keep Jimmy Garoppolo under his rookie deal in 2017 season to see if Tom Brady prime declines or if Brissett takes a major leap forward.

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