San Francisco 49ers Rumors – SF 49ers directed immediate release of CB starter Tramaine Brock due to felony

NFL Rumors San Francisco 49ers ordered the immediate release of CB Tramaine Brock

The San Francisco 49ers ordered the immediate release starting cornerback Tramaine Brock. Releasing Brock from the San Francisco 49ers would send a a pretty clever message to the rest of the roster, and the NFL, such actions shouldn’t be tolerated in the least.


The San Francisco 49ers have officially released starting cornerback Tramaine Brock after his arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence, according to the franchise website.

The cops reported on Friday, April 7, that officers responding to a domestic violence call had talked to a woman with visible injuries and arrested the cornerback Tramaine Brock at his home in Santa Clara, California on Thursday evening. The jail records show he was released on Friday.

The die-hard supporters of the San Francisco 49ers probably know what would have happened if Trent Baalke was still at the helm of the franchise as general manager. Perhaps, Baalke would let the legal process play itself out, not jumping to any immediate conclusions and holding off on any business deals. But that’s the opposite of what now-general manager John Lynch should do.

One of the new general manager John Lynch’s slogan when he took over the 49ers franchise earlier this year was to find professional players 100 percent dedicated to American football. If not, “we’ll find someone else,” he said, more or less.

This includes staying out of trouble like domestic violence and for athletes, who enjoy the privilege of playing in the America’s most popular league — the National Football League — this is especially true. Tramaine Brock might be found innocent of any pending charges. We, that’s the law.

But releasing the 28-year-old cornerback Tramaine Brock from the organization would send a a pretty clever message to the rest of players on the 49ers roster, and the league, such actions shouldn’t be tolerated in the least.

Tramaine Brock, who was heading into the last season of a four-year contract deal worth $14 million, started all 16 games for the San Francisco 49ers in the most recent season, concluding the regular-season with 49 tackles and an interception.

When the San Francisco 49ers released linebacker Aldon Smith on August 7, 2015, the professional American football team had 12 arrests or charges filed involving seven pro players since January 2012. With all that being said, that record prompted the San Francisco 49ers franchise owner Jed York to promise the team would “win with class.” Defensive tackle Ray McDonald, meanwhile, was released late in the 2014 NFL season for his off-field dilemmas.

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