Seahawks NFL Trade News & Rumors: Seattle Seahawks To Trade Prized NFL-Caliber Richard Sherman Before FInal Roster Dealine?

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman

Seattle Seahawks GM John Schneider did his best to whitewash to the NFL trade rumors involving cornerback Richard Sherman. It was somewhat shocking to see Seattle Seahawks CB’s name emerged in an NFL trade rumors, as he’s widely been considered one of the league’s best cornerbacks


The Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider did his best on Thursday to attach little importance on the NFL trade rumors involving the cornerback Richard Sherman, although it seems like a deal on the four-time Pro Bowler remains possible.

“Right now, I don’t think the odds (of a trade) are very good,” Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider said on the “Danny, Dave and Moore” radio show on KIRO-AM, per “But if somebody comes cruising along and something happens, and we do something, it happens.”

This isn’t exactly surprising, since Schneider claimed the news on Sherman are real. It fundamentally indicates the Seattle Seahawks simply haven’t received an offer they really like to this point yet the front-office are staying open for a trade talk. It’s not like Seahawks really needs to trade Richard Sherman right off the bat, most especially with the impending 2017 NFL draft coming up next week.

“We have constant communication with him. I talked to him this evening. So it’s cool. Everything’s fine,” Schneider said on Thursday. “I just think that the only reason we would do it is to basically create some cap room and try to become a younger football team. But that’s just one option.”

Initially, it was somewhat shocking to see Richard Sherman’s name come up in an NFL trade rumors, as he’s widely been considered one of the league’s best cornerbacks in the recent seasons and has been a a key contributor amid Seattle Seahawks’ success.

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Additionally, the 29-year-old is under contract for a couple more years. But a recent report suggests that Sherman initially requested the trade.

Perhaps Sherman is looking for a opportunity of scenery after spending his first six years of his professional football career with the Seahawks. When asked about the report that Richard Sherman requested the trade, GM Schneider suggests that it was a mutual decision but didn’t turn down the idea that Sherman could be ready to move to another franchise.

“It’s one of those things where the dialogue we have with our guys is not somebody comes bashing through the door like you would see in a football movie or something like, ‘I demand to be traded!’ ” Schneider stated. “It’s not like that. It just doesn’t work that way. “The way I would answer it is we just have this dialogue with guys all the time, and I think he’d admit that he had a rough year. So he’s looking for maybe a new spark, and he’s either going to find that here in Seattle or he’s going to find it somewhere else. But odds are he’s going to find it here.”

All-Pro caliber Richard Sherman entered the league as the ultimate chip-on-shoulder professional American football player. Should a trade deal happened, it’ll likely go down just before the draft day, or during the event.

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