Dallas Cowboys Rumors 2017 – Denver Broncos Still Has QB Tony Romo On Their Wishlist For 2018 NFL Season?

NFL trade rumors suggests Denver Broncos are still interested in acquiring Tony Romo should he ends up getting cut by Dallas Cowboys. NFL trade rumors has the Denver Broncos isn’t longer chasing Dallas Cowboys’ four-time Pro-Bowler, but it seems like those are just more than conjectures.


Latest reports have materialized that the Denver Broncos are still interested in landing the veteran quarterback Tony Romo should he ends up getting released by the Dallas Cowboys. There has been NFL trade rumors that Broncos is no longer chasing the four-time Pro-Bowler, but it seems like those are just more than conjectures.

The report went out earlier this week that the Denver Broncos opted not to pursue the 36-year-old Tony Romo after general manager John Elway concluded the rumors on Monday that the franchise would no longer have the interest to acquire the star quarterback.

This said to have left the quarterback with only couple of options for his post-Dallas Cowboys career — sign with the Houston Texans, the other professional American football team speculated to be interested in getting him as their starting quarterback, or retire and pursue a broadcasting career as NFL analyst for either Fox or CBS.

However, Forbes recently reported that Broncos might have backpedal and has kept the window open “albeit ever so slightly” for a potential Tony Romo contract deal signing should the Dallas Cowboys opt to waive him. The Cowboys is reportedly looking to trade Tony Romo, though, and club want a “satisfactory draft pick” in exchange.

The Denver Broncos are not willing to trade their 20th or 51st overall draft pick just to acquire Tony Romo, which is why they are just waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to waive the 13-year professional American footballer in attempt to steal him. According to the report, the Broncos is “predictably subscribing to the line of thinking that the Cowboys will eventually have no choice but to release Romo instead of picking up his $14 million salary for the 2017 season.”

Tony Romo is entering the fourth year of his six-year contract extension, $108 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys. The franchise owes him $14 million next NFL season, $19.5 million in 2018, and $20.5 million for 2019. It is believed that Cowboys will not choose to shell out that huge amount of money for a backup quarterback.

Aside from not willing to trade for Tony Romo, the Denver Broncos are also not planning to pay the quarterback at his current asking salary price. Meaning, Broncos is still a possibility for Tony Romo, the chances of him landing there is indeed slim unless he changes his mind on his asking price.

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